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  • Aaron Hertzmann

    Aaron Hertzmann

    Principal Scientist at Adobe Research; former tenured professor; ACM Fellow; amateur artist. Opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Dr. Varshita Sher

    Dr. Varshita Sher

    Senior Data Scientist | Explain like I am 5 | Oxford & SFU Alumni | https://podurama.com

  • Leonardo Tanzi

    Leonardo Tanzi

    PhD Student at the Polytechnic University of Turin (IT) — working on Deep Learning & Computer Vision applied to Healthcare

  • Memo Akten

    Memo Akten

    computational ar̹͒ti͙̕s̼͒t engineer curious philomath; nature ∩ science ∩ tech ∩ ritual; spirituality ∩ arithmetic; PhD AI×expressive human-machine interaction;

  • Jelilat Anofiu

    Jelilat Anofiu

    Blockchain Engineer | Smart Contracts Developer

  • Misha Berrien

    Misha Berrien

    Data Scientist & Policy Analyst in Chicago, IL.

  • Hay Kranen

    Hay Kranen

    I build things on the thin line between art, data, tech and narrative.

  • Alberto Romero

    Alberto Romero

    AI & Tech | Analyst at CambrianAI | Weekly AI Newsletter: https://thealgorithmicbridge.substack.com/ | Contact: alber.romgar@gmail.com

  • Harmony Labs

    Harmony Labs

    We build communities & tools to reform & transform media systems

  • Boris Müller

    Boris Müller

    Professor for Interaction Design at FH Potsdam, co-director of Urban Complexity Lab | http://uclab.fh-potsdam.de | http://esono.com

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