• rrbaker


    Interested in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and the humanities.

  • Sophie Dixon

    Sophie Dixon

    Visual Artist sophie-dixon.com, Co-founder Mnemoscene.io, Educator in Film and Games Design

  • Edward Lee

    Edward Lee

    I'm currently living my own life which only follows my heart and do every pain to keep and develop it with full joy. Success of life is matter of mind not outer

  • MB


  • Julia Scott-Stevenson

    Julia Scott-Stevenson

    Researcher, producer, curator of interactive factual media. Co-convenor of @i_Docs. @SW_CTN immersion fellow. Writer.

  • Alberto Carmona

    Alberto Carmona

  • Mark Chavez

    Mark Chavez

    Mark is an animation industry veteran who has created animated, interactive, and immersive installation content since the 1980s.

  • Izzy Young

    Izzy Young

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