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Personality and gender in voice assistants is not something that emerges due to the nature of “AI systems”. Rather, it is intentionally created based on the logic of market demand, gender biases, and prevalent unrealistic narratives about AI. Raw AI-ness could mean: Actively deconstructing narratives that parallel artificial intelligence with…

Early stages of training on the prompt “A high-tech outer circle with a low-tech inner filling trending on art station”

The synthetic imagery (“GAN Art”) scene has recently seen a kind of productivity explosion: A new kind of neural network architecture capable of generating images from text was quickly popularized through a freely available Google Colab notebook. It enabled thousands of people to create stunning/fantastic/magical images, just by inputting a…

Das ist ein Brief an einen meiner Kunden, in dem ich ihm (sehr) ausführlich erkläre, warum ich den Facebook Pixel nicht einbauen werde.

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Ich veröffentliche diesen Brief um über die Invasität des Trackings durch Facebook aufzuklären. Facebook ist mit seinem Geschäft mit personalisierter Werbung ein zentraler Player im Surveillance Capitalism.

Alexa Steinbrück

A mix of Frontend Development, Machine Learning, Musings about Creative AI and more

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